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Learning, Academic & Educational Services

Parents and clients often ask: Why does my child struggle in math or science? No matter how long I study I can’t seem to remember and comprehend what I study? Why does my child take so long to complete assignments? Why can’t I pay attention?

Our academic services start with a comprehensive learning evaluation to pinpoint the area of weakness in so that we can answer these kinds of questions. Once we are able to determine the roots and scope of the problem, we can tailor a specific intervention program to remediate the areas(s) of difficulty. Rather than a one size fits all model, the assessment process is able to help us individualize you or your child’s program to best improve academic outcome.

Unlike many popular “learning centers”, our developmental evaluations are comprehensive, thorough, and only conducted by licensed and/or certified Doctoral level staff who have been working in the field of learning disabilities and psychology for many years. Also unlike many so-called learning centers, we do not conduct one standard assessment battery for every person. The assessment process at IL&BS is also personalized to answer specific questions. Given the academic and clinical backgrounds of our professionals we are able to examine the academic, emotional, behavioral, and components that impact upon you or your child’s learning. Our highly trained staff conducts the evaluation and then meets individually with you and/or your child and reviews the results with you. Then a course of remediation is outlined and recommended along with your input.

Since learning new skills is meaningless without an impact on you or your child’s grades we strive to work with you or your child’s school to coordinate services and to ensure that what we are working on translates into the classroom setting. We endeavor to improve your child’s grades as well as overall academic functioning, rather than simply improve test-taking skills as many of our competitors do.

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